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I use to think that if I can only make it into the NFL, I would live a passionate and purposeful life. From the 5th grade, I chased this dream and I worked very hard to make sure I earned myself a football scholarship to Arkansas State University. This accomplishment was the highlight of my life because I always wanted to play football on a collegiate level. I had good games and I had bad games. After my senior year was over, I was left with a choice. The choice was to train and try out for an NFL team or to aim and be something different than another football player. That decision was not easy for me at all and I had to do a lot of soul searching to make sure I was at peace with putting that dream behind me. Years later, I look back satisfied with that decision and having no regrets about it. At the time, my beautiful girlfriend was apart of my life whom is now my lovely wife and has helped me get to where I am today.

What type of life are you chasing? One of my goals is to help you find hope in a hopeless world! Through my speaking, blogs and trainings, I have the privilege of representing the man who spoke hope into my life as I entered my sales career. Mr. Zig Ziglar had a huge impact, and still does, on how I view the world today and I am honored to be a Ziglar Certified Trainer! I am here to equip and help you find your passion thus identifying your purpose in life.



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