#wyst blog challenge day 9 Beach Lesson

We have been in Alabama this week to celebrate my cousin, Camren, graduating from high school. My wife and I is really close to him because he would always come visit us for the summer. We would do workouts together when he played football and I would also teach him about work and other responsibilities. Shania,my wife, goes back further with Camren because they are only 10 years apart. She has changed his diapers and watch him grow up over the years and they both share similar personality traits. You would just have to know them both personally to understand what I mean.

Panama City Beach is about an hour in a half from Enterprise, AL. I love the sight of the beach because it is peaceful to my eyes and really always me to reflect on life. As family, we drove the day after graduation to spend a day at the beach. Camren also have 3 older sibling, Jaylen, Donovn, and Brooklyn. This is my personal opinion but I do believe it has a deeper meaning to it. Anytime you are a young boy you will always want to look up to another man, and regardless of the status of that man, you do look up to them for some source of guidance. When I am around these three boy’s I do believe this to be true, while I don’t have any kids of my own at the time I do think it is apart of my role to make sure they are understand life from my perception.

Small example I caught on every time I am around is Jaylen, who is 15 years old. He would always ask for my advice on things and then every time somebody ask him, “what are you doing?” He would say,”Jahbari told me”…. fill in the blank. So weather I am aware of it or not he and the others are looking at my ever move.

With me caughting onto this, along with my outgoing/energetic personality. I sense they do look at me to have some type of fun, especially heading to the beach. Boys have a natural tendency to take on a challenge and have fun while doing it. So when go to the beach I challenge them to run into the water to a certain spot and back. Of course I did it with them and let’s just say this was a great cardio work out. Then after they were tired we made our way back to the lay under the tent and play in the sand. I told them to bury my whole body under the sand. Which everybody took great pleasure in placing objects on my body and taking pictures.

Then I after we were finished with this I wanted to do something a little more challenging. I wanted to bury myself vertically into the ground, I knew this would take more work between me and the kids but hoping it would teach me and them a lesson about life. So Jaylen, Donovn, and I started to dig and we were just using our hands. As we started making some progress there little sister Brooklyn wanted to help, so we put her into rotation. As we started to dig deeper and deeper we had to take turns,one by one to stand in the hole to dig deep. Whoever was the person in the hole seems to have the most fun but they were also contributing to the challenge. Even Camren came along to help, after he woke up from his nap,  now we had 5 people contributing. We started to get so deep  that the sand was more moist and almost would feel like quick sand. Now I have never experience quicksand, but from the feeling of having this very moist sand covering all the way up over your ankles and it was hard to lift your leg up and down. You would easily assume that is a form of what quickstand feels like in a desert somewhere.

As we dig deeper and deeper others would start to stand around and see how deep we were going. After a while it was more water then it was sand. We had little kids come up just watching because they wanted to be apart of it, but really they just wanted to watch and see how far we would go. A older lady made the statement saying,” If you find anything gold you let me know.”

A mid age guy came over to see what his son was looking at and seen me in the middle of the hole and said, “that deep of a hole that seems a lot like work?” I said, “when you make a commitment to do something you want have to do it regardless of what it takes.” Then his reply was something I could of not staged. He said, “ that is a great lesson for life.” Bingo!

In life we have to commit to doing what we need to do regardless of how feel and that is what it called to be mature. Nothing comes easy in life that you have to be willing to work for it passed your own expectations.

How can you apply this lesson to what you said you were going to do? Until tomorrow, What’s your self talk? #wyst?




The hole we all digged at the beach!