#wyst blog challenge Day 8... Being a Enterpernuer

Sitting here in the stadium of enterprise high school in enterprise, AL. I am reminder of why you must always find something to do to fill your time. I have a small confession about my life as a entrepreneur.  I have 3 business I am working on growing. I say it is a confession because I tell myself I need to focus on one thing first. Then after I get to a solid foundation built up then I can move to the next.

I have no passion to do this because it is only one of them that really talks the most of my time and it is my personal development training job. I partner with a company called Transcend Awakening and they stand for everything I do plus more. I say plus more because there is so much I still have to learn on how to develop as a speaker and trainer. There is a world of information out there I still need to learn and then learn how to apply. That takes effort! Just because you know something does not means you also know how to do it as well. That is why so many people get stuck.

Secondly, my wife and I have a Real Estate Investment Company named McLennan Legacy. We currently have 7 houses and all of them are rented. We started this company for a few reasons. First, I will have a inheritance to pass down and being a men who can teach his kids to multiply it. Proverbs, in the Bible, speaks about this;A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children, but the sinner's wealth is laid up for the righteous.  - Proverbs 13:22. Secondly, we see people that are in need of a good quality home. When I was young I moved around a lot and we lived in whatever we could. I believe people deserve better regardless of their credit score. That is a thin line to ride at time but I rather go down for helping people then not doing anything.

Third and not last, I don’t want to get in my older age and still have to work as hard as I did in my youth. I see this a lot among those who are older than me. A lot of it has to do with the retirement programs people were expecting to be in place, more on that at a later time.

Lastly, I have a Amazon business we started in October 2017. It has its ups and downs but more ups then down. I spend maybe 20 hours or less a week on it and it brings in around a extra $600-$1000 a month. The mission is to create time,freedom and peace of mind. Time to spent wisely to build a business part time. Freedom for those who don’t want to work the normal 9-5 and be more creative with their work. Same for me as well because I don’t do well sitting in one place for a long period of time. Peace of mind to not worry about how you will pay the next bills. I always loved the idea of making money while I was sleep to help cover any extra expense we may have come up. Also to control how much money  I can make and how often I can help others. This is Part Big of success in my opinion.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, what’s your self talk? #wyst?