#wyst challenge blog day 5

With yesterday being sunday I wanted to touched bases on the points that were made on our sermons. I take great pride to learning how to apply God’s word to everyday life. First let's start with the 3 points:

-Mission begins with really seeing people as they are

-Mission is about connecting people to the power of Jesus

-Opposition + Faith= Progress.

Chad Rogers is the lead pastor and did a great good at illustrating these points in throughout the sermon. To make to it more interesting I grabbed a book called “the life book” by carl blunt. This book would explain the Bible in more of a short story format. The goals of this book is put God’s word in the hands and hearts of every high school student.

I loved the way the book started off because it goes right in line with the first point of the sermon. There are four high school students and each of them will ask questions and make notes throughout the book. Each of them are identified by their handwriting. You do obtain a brief overview of how they view the world and one kid jumped out to me. Dylan who is 17 loves games and science fiction. Dylan exact words are, “ not really into spiritually stuff but I am open-minded.” Which for some reason caught my interest and you will find out shortly.

But because I choose to see Dylan as he is I am now more open to learn how he views the world. This is a huge point to understand because until we are open to accept people for who they are, we will never really be able to see how to help them.

“Mission begins with really seeing people as they are”

This will be the key to really understand how to create a movement of individual that understand that #wyst is a movement of people choosing to live the life God intended.

Now when God signed up Moses as he next leader by speaking to him through a burning bush(the bush was on fire, but not burning up) in the desert.

Dylan said, “Science check. Okay how does that happen? On fire, but not burning? I guess if you believe God made everything, then He can mess with scientific laws whenever it wants.”

Jesus came into the earth to empathize and empower us by example. By leaving us his spirit we can now take him wherever we go. Dylan at this point of the story has not been introduced to Jesus so I will attempt to connect this next point as clear as I can right now.

It is important for me to always empathize with other so I can understand how to Love them like Jesus loved me.That was close to a Sunday school answer but the best way I could put it. By not going into judging mode when Dylan make this statement points to this next point.

“Mission is about connecting people to the power of Jesus”

The next and last point will bring us home.

“Opposition + Faith= Progress”

When someone have resistance against something it means either they don’t fully understanding comprehend.

Their resistance is express in there actions or words. I have not finish the book but I know since he is opened he will make the connection. It take faith for the person teaching him the listen to understand this is process.

We all make process in our life and it has only come from us have opposition in my life. Because I do have faith in God who sent Jesus, I know my life on earth is to be a blessing to other and help them connection with people on a deeper level. So until next time. What’s your self talk?#wyst?