#wyst blog challenge Day 4 God, Albert Einstein, and My Mentor

August 4, 2014 I walked Into my mentor office and see both of his football helmets. One from Texas A&M and the other one from Green Bay Packers. His name is Terrence Murphy and if you were to go to college station and ask about him you would get a list of accolades. When I meet him I was in a community college going into my second year playing football. He showed and tough me how to put God First, always respect women more than they respect themselves and be a go getter in life. With his help I was able to fulfill my goal and commitment. My goal was to get a division 1 football program and I made a commitment to my mom that she will never was to pay for me to go to school. If that does not explain what kind of impact he has had on my life then just wait.


That day I walked into this TM5 properties office to visit him for the weekend. See how his family and business is doing. To see him seeing having success in a field completely opposite than football was inspiring to me. I believe we all have heroes in our life and it is safe to say he is one for me. Hero’s in my mind are people who inspire me to be someone great!


But that day I learn something I did not know. As I looked above the Green Bay Packer and Texas A&M helmet I seen a picture of Albert Einstein. It was a pretty big picture of his face and around him were equations. Now I knew very little of Albert Einstein but I knew him enough to recognize his face.


There is a documentary show on The National Geographic app called Genius. The first season they focused on the life of Albert Einstein. I am not finish yet so I know this will be a on going story. At this point I really have caught onto how Einstein used the #wyst principles.


1st, he would ask the question that do know else would ask or answer, which makes me thing of David Wallace commencement speech this is water. 2nd, he really fought against conformity he never accepted this is the way it has to be done. He understood your mind could only focus on what you allow it to focus on. Which lead him to this formula/sentence E=mc2. Which mean, It tells us that mass and energy are related, and, in those rare instances where mass is converted totally into energy, how much energy that will be. FYI I am not saying I fully understand but it has deep meaning to it. Last but not least, he always tied everything he understood back to God. He was able to understand that everything always tied back to him. Which I love because I believe everyone aim to pick God apart with science instead of understanding he is science.


Instill tomorrow what’s your self talk? #wyst?