#wyst blog challenge Day 3

This morning as I am reading the last few pages of 4 things women want from a man. A R Bernard is talking about strength and what type of strength women wants from her husband. The kind of strength that I am willing to live out my convictions regardless of what the crowd is doing. Then he said the following: “The bible teaches us that most people who follow the crowd don’t know why they’re doing it. In fact, most crowd followers don’t give much thought to the direction in which they’re heading. Crowd followers mistakenly believe that if “everybody else is doing it,” then “it”— whatever “it” happens to be must be okay. As a result, too many crowd-following folks think they’re barreling done the main highway when they’re actually bumping headlong down a dead-end street.”

I find this to be very true because very few people know how to think for them self and make wise choices. They rather the path be laid out for them so they don’t have to think, because that take too much work to come up with your own idea. Trust me I am not great with this but once you realize the opposite side of not thinking, you are willing to change your results you want. At least that is how I view it.

Quick history recap, in the 1950’s a man by the name Roger W. Sperry reshaped the way we understand our brains and ourselves. He discovered that the right side of our brain was different then the left side. Example the left side of our brain is responsible for handling words, processing sequential information and data processing. Think of anything that is communicated in an A,B,C fashion our left brain would be responsible. Example for the right side is anything dealing with creativity and nonverbal language. Have you ever seen a movie or commercial and it moves you emotionally that you started to cry? Then somebody ask you, “why are you crying?” You said, “I don’t know!” We’ll that is more of your right brain working.

This is what Roger Sperry discovered about our right brain or right hemisphere. When he dies in 1994 these were his words, “ modern society {still} discrimes against the right hemisphere.” You can find a more detailed breakdown in the book “ A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink.

Thank you for sticking with me because I didn’t care much for history as well when I was in school but I do now.

When we choose to follow the crowd and not think for yourself to make wise choices we will endup down a dead end. Roger Sperry research agreed with this approach to life because until 1950 everybody would just operate life from the left side of our brain. Which is why if you were to look back you would see a lot of routine jobs, houses, cars and etc. Today those same type of jobs are disappearing because people want more creative and empathic things to be apart of. We want to feed more of our creative side.

There is a huge amounts of people today who discriminate on social media and other creative Ideas because it does not match with what they grew up to understand. (Which is they only use there left brain to live life.) 

So anybody still living in this bubble is following the crowd and is running more and more into a dead end because they can’t process what the world is coming to. Or they are not willing to process.

Use what God has given you and use it to the best of your ability, seek out others who don’t want to run into a dead end. Until tomorrow, what’s your self talk? #wyst?