#wyst blog challenge day 19 David and who?

Today’s lesson was a great reminder of what we need to be aware of as we strive towards our of purpose in life. I am reminded of the other messages around David when he approaches to defeat the giant Goliath. Let's dive in and together and pay attention to what is happen at the scene of the battle.


I Identify With The Paralyzed Army Needing To Be Rescued By An Unlikely Champion   


When David appeared on the scene, Goliath also step forward and it was others there before David. When they seen how big Goliath was they all fled from him and were very afraid. How often do we allow the looks of a problem or circumstances paralyze us? We may have been ready for battle but once we see what the journey really looks like, we start to make all kind of excuses. “I didn’t expect it to be so hard” or “I am not able to do this because of my past” and one of my personal favorite “who am I to think I deserve such a great life?”

Who ever would defeat Goliath would have riches, live tax free and get have the kings daughter. Now you may not wanted any, I will take the all besides the last one I love my wife, but think about it in this way. When you go forth and overcome those big obstacles there is always a reward waiting for you on the other side.


We Need To Hear The Voice Of Victory Over The Voices Of Cynicism  


David own brother was there questioning him. How often can we let family and friends words block us from reallying seeing what is before us. Sometimes it can be our own negative personal self talk talking us out of seeing the good in the midst of our climb to victory.


I want you to consider next time when life starts to get hard, understand that you can’t just keep going through a season with the same perception. Those around you cant change but it is one person you can change. You can choose to think about how God was with David and how David trusted God over all. So the real question I have for you is what Goliath is standing in your way?


Until tomorrow, what’s your self talk?