#wyst blog challenge day 18..Who is responsible??

Some people say, ‘Well, that’s just the way I am..’Well, ‘the way you are’ got you where you are - aren't’ you embarrassed? I don't really need to understand your circumstances [that made you the way you are]; it wouldn’t do any good. It’s irrelevant. The only thing that matters is if you have a purpose big enough to overcome those circumstances and change the way you are..”


I ran across this statement as I was learning more about my self and others and how we can make excuses bases off our circumstances.  It hit me in a spot that needs to be hit, because to often I have seen myself make excuses because of my circumstance and never think about how I can change. I do believe you and I look for people or environments that welcome our excuses because of my circumstance. This can do more harm than good because it paints a picture as in you don't have to change. Now we may need that environment for a small time frame to grieve and heal. But when is it time to move past the pain and step into a better future, we tend to freeze.   


Reflect back on some of my others days and you can see how I am learning to process things that I went through growing up, which can be hard. The reason it is hard is because I tried so hard to ignore it as if it would go away. If you think this  way then you are wrong and are causing confusion in your own life then you are aware. We all have circumstances that influence us- and our behavior style is one of the main influence. Once we realize something can be done on our part to change, we become responsible.


Short one today but until tomorrow, whats your self talk? #wyst?