#wyst blog challenge day 17 Creativity Code

The other day I feel a spark to buy a few magazines, that a way I can learn more ideas on how human beings are wired. One of the magazines is called Science of Personality. To learn accurate information on what makes me and others click is key to me. I have to learn how to filter the information in front of me differently then I have in the past.


A section in the magazine was title “the creativity code” by Sherry Baker. How we tap into more of our creative side has really been intriguing to me since reading Daniel Pink “ A Whole New Mind.”( You can read more about on day 6) She pointed out some good facts to take into account as humans; 1) creativity is a trait of all human beings 2) when we pursue creative activities, life feels more meaningful and we have more outlets to express ourselves.


Then she say what adults and youth can do so they can tap into their own creativity.


Adults can look at more unlikely events to see what the distant future will look like. A example I thought of was yesterday, on my macbook I always will get a quick CNN news update, which I keeping saying I am going to turn off those notification but this one got my attention. It said “ Kate Spade the fashion designer had committed suicide”  and was only 56 years young. I am always curious why do people who seem to have it all together take their own life? I do believe that everyone is different and there is no simple way to answer this question. I do believe it has to deal with that they are telling themselves mentally and this is why I am passionate about my brand #wyst?


Mel Robbins did help me process it a little deeper in the direction I was going. She said, You can have all the money in the world, a wonderful family, career success and a beautiful smile… You can have of that surrounding you but it won't mean anything if your mental health is spiraling.” It made me think instantly of a quote I posted that day by Jim Carrey, He said, I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that is not the answer.”

Both of these encounters just gave me a deeper and different perspective on life and how I want to impact people in a positive way because of that one unlikely event and many others that never make it to the news. I believe this is a example of creative code that Sherry Baker is referring to.


Now for youth playing pretend is crucial to building creativity. With the help of parents encouraging youngsters to use their imagination by considering alternative perspectives. Instead of youth just looking at and thinking about what is immediately in front of them, simple exercises such as musing on galaxies in the night sky can prime them to look more outward than inward, according to psychologist and creativity researcher Nira Liberman of Tel Aviv University’s school of psychological sciences.


Which is a example of sparking creativity in the them which is what they need. She also found how doing these type of exercises lead  them to scoring higher on the Tel Aviv Creativity Test. (TACT)


I say all of this to paint the idea of why we must develop our creative side because it will give us more meaning and allow us to express our true self.


Until tomorrow, what you self talk? #wyst?