#wyst blog challenge day 15 Laboring in Obscurity

These last past days have been really personal for me and I believe we all get to a point  where we need to look back and understand how to process the life. Because our ability to close those chapters in our life are key to moving forward. I still have much to say but being sunday, I want to share how a new series we started a church goes right in line the way I have being processing life. I changed it around to laboring in obscurity.


I have to 100% honest, I have a difficult time understanding why certain things has happened or is currently happening to me. How I love to tie my difficult and confusing time together is by looking at God's principles and aligning where I am in relation to them and the is process called life. My spiritual belief in God has always guided me to deeper views in who I am and who I am created to be. I have seen how this to be true for people in the bible and people  in history after the bibles was written. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Every thinking man, when he thinks, realize that the teaching of the Bible are so interwoven with our civic and social life that it would be literally impossible for us to figure what life would be if those teaching were removed”


The New Series we started at church is called “The Life Of David And The Promise Of A King.”

The points we talked about were the following:

  • God uses seasons of obscurity to develop our gifts and character.

  • What you are going through is never just about you.


Let me point out that David was told that we will be King of Israel, but once he was anointed ( a traditional ceremony where oil is rubbed on someone who is appointed to his or her calling) he went back to doing what we was doing before, watching the sheeps. He had to wait 15 years before we was living out this calling. Let me put this into perception, that is similar to Michael Jordan being told, you will be a six times NBA champion, 5 times MVP, go to 14 All- Star Games, Be a two time Olympic gold medalist, and be introduced into the Hall of Fame of Basketball as the Greatest of All Time! But he just was cut from the varsity basketball team in high school so go to  the jr varsity team.


Just like Michael Jordan, David was going to do great things in history but he needed to develop his skills,gifts and character. We live in a world where if you dont text me back in two minutes times our relationship is over and never text me again. (Just FYI I did hear a young teens girl say this outloud to her friend at the park about a boy she was texting, no instant gratification struggle is real!!) How about waiting 15 years because you are not who you need to be yet? I draw this out because there has been times where I need to just work on being a better me and that was hard it self. Because it push you and I out of our comfort zone. Change take time because it forces you to see who and what you will develop into and time never lie! I am not great a writing but I can get better if I practice daily, the reason for this blog.


Secondly, what you are going through is never about you. I shared my feeling of hurt that came from my parents divorce in day 13 and a conversation I had with my mom on day 14. I shared that because I needed to learn how to process that information and heal from it. Healing is needed so I can have the courage to go out to empathize with others. The biggest lie anyone can believe is that we are going through obscurity just for myself and I need to keep it to myself. This is why so many people feel lonely and can become depressed, because they feel like they are the only ones going through difficult times.    


I want you to understand one thing from today, you are in a season but you are not stuck. Weather it is good or bad it is meant to be shared with someone else so they can move passed it as well. I encourage you to chew on those last sentences. Until tomorrow, what’s your self talk?


P.S. There was a 3 point but I did not put it in my notes, my bad Chad!