#wyst blog challenge Day 1 Principles, Patterns and Routines.

This is day 1 of my personal challenge to blog for 30 days. I have always held myself back from writing anything because I would always have to get someone to review it before I post it. Well in this challenge I will write a blog once a day about my l personal and business life. My goal is one thing, to get better at something I know I suck at doing. I should add I suck at doing without editing. You are welcome to leave any comments or suggestions on what I need to improve on and you can identify improvements. Thank you for reading my personal “What’s your self talk” blog. First topic is Principles, Patterns and routines.


I recently came from Texas after a business/personal trip and I was able to see my nieces. Who are now 4 (Mckenly) and 5 (Kyndle), I think. I look at my nieces like my own daughter and they as well light up every time they see me. Kyndle who is more of me when I was a child, super energetic, always finding something funny, and will talk your head off. That does not sound like me one bit, I rest my case. Mckenly  is the opposite, shy, soft spoken, observe every detail around her. Her and my wife are best friends and she is always asking me, “where is Ne-Ne”? Which is my wife nickname for those who know her understand why.


Everytime I wanted to take a picture with them Kyndle would be all smiles from ear to ear and ready. Majority of the time when she seen me holding the phone in a selfie position she would already start smiling with her head down and eyes looking at the camera. Now Mckleny on the other hand was a little difference. When she smiled it was one of two smiles, either she would have her head tilted up with her eyes looking slightly down and you would see her chin more then her face. Or she would have her mouth half way open with her top teeth showing. Both of those smiles were patterns I caught onto. The one she did more frequently was with her chin tilted up. I would always say, “put your head down” but It would not get me anywhere with her.

So as I started to take a picture with her again she would do the same thing. It become routine for her to take a picture this way. Just like her sister ,Kyndle, routine was to smile while she seen me getting ready to take a picture. This time I asked her, why do you smile with your chin up in the air? She said, nothing. Then I went to tell her she has a beautiful smile and I wanted to see her use it more when she take pictures with me. Then I went to tell her she is a beautiful queen! After asking and then explaining, she took a beautiful picture with me after understanding the principles  her was acting on.


Now why was she smiling like this before? I have no idea but I knew she was not taking advantage of the beautiful smile God had given her. What I have realized is that when we have patterns in our life that we are uncertain of why we have them or we are unaware of those patterns. The principles that we are basing those patterns off of are false or never been identified. Than it will become routine for us and we don't even think about what or why we are doing what we are doing.  


Start defining the principles you will live your life on. Start identifying the bad patterns you have builded in your life. Ask yourself why do I do this? If you know why, then ask yourself if this patterns is representing the principles I wanted to live by. If your answer is no then let's take action at becoming the person you want to become and grow away from that toxic pattern. In order to grow you have to have a growth mindset and this is why I ask myself daily. What’s your self talk? Because I must choose to grow every second of the day. If not then I have a fixed mindset and people don't live fulfilling life with a fixed mindset. So until tomorrow, what’s your self talk? #wyst?