Where are you going in life?

Have you ever heard the story about John Jones in New York City?


*He wanted to go to Boston, so he went to the airport and bought a ticket. Having a few minutes to spare, he walked over to some scales, stepped on them, inserted a coin, and down came his fortune: “ Your name is John Jones, you weigh 188 pounds, and you are going to catch the 2:20 to Boston.” He was astounded because all of the information was correct. So he stepped back on the scales, inserted another coin and down came his fortune: “ Your name is still John Jones, you still weigh 188 pounds, and you are still going to catch the 2:20 to Boston.” Now he was puzzled than ever and sensing a trick, he decided to “fool” whoever or whatever was responsible. He went into the men’s room and changed clothes. Once again he stepped on the scales, inserted his coin and down came his fortune: “Your name is still John Jones, you still weigh 188 pounds, but you just missed the 2:20 to Boston.


Do you feel you have missed the 2:20 to Boston a few times in your life? I know we all have and we can fall off course very fast. We can get distracted with life and miss out on enjoying life. You and I have missed out on life because we have let too many circumstance determine how our life is going to go. I am just going to share two tips with you that has helped me stay on course to my purpose and allowed me to say no without feeling bad.

First, you have to write down your goals you want to reach in life. Very simple but very few follow this simple principle throughout life. Have you ever heard someone say, “ You will either work towards your goal or work towards someone else's goal?” I believe this is very true just because you and I have done a poor job at writing down our goals in life. So when you have a hard day you can view that list and remind yourself, “today might of been hard but it did help me get closer to my goals I set for myself.” Even if you feel like the day is a complete bust, you looking at your list of your goals will help you understand how you need to reevaluate your day and make improvements.

Second, you are putting the wrong information in your mind. You said you want to start your own business or get a promotion( a promotion is anything you feel that will advance you in your career) but you never make time to learn and implement a plan. Instead you go to your facebook feed and see what everybody is talking about instead of read or watching material that will help you start your business or get a promotion. When you set a goal for yourself ask yourself, how am I using my time, money, resources and energy to reach my goal? After asking that question you will start to think twice about going to facebook.


I want you to win in life because if you don't than you will let yourself down and others who look up to you. You need to take action on the goals you want to reach so download this simple goal setting form to help you get started now.


Remember this form from Wallace Wattles “ What God wants is that you should make the most of yourself, for yourself, and others and you can help others more by making the most of your than in any other way”


Click here now and start to write down your goals you want to reach.

*See You At the Top by Zig Ziglar

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