Why Stephen Curry?

For those that may not know I am a Stephen Curry fan, not just because he's a great basketball player with an amazing shot (wet) but because he stands for something far more greater than basketball. I will be a fan of Stephen Curry regardless of what type basketball season he has or the remaining of his career. I want to break down how this man comes across to me and why he is someone I would want to personally know and one day become good friends.




I have never played sports on a professional level but I have on a collegiate level. You are always being interviewed by reporters and one thing Stephen Curry always does in his interviews is tell the truth about his opponents. I have not heard him criticize or condemn the team he played or is playing nor his own teammates. To me that say a lot about his Character



IT has been expressed to me in this way:

  • Watch your words; they become actions

  • Watch your actions; they become habits

  • Watch your habits; they become character

  • Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

We all see what type of destiny he is molding for himself.



The man does not hide his Faith. From the two taps against his chest and then pointing up when he scores, the opening of his MVP Speech, hanging out on stage with Lecrae and to his little daughter at the press conference, Riley Curry, saying, “Way up, I feel blessed.” When you humble yourself and realize you don't have all the answer but somebody else does. You have a peace of mind and outlook on this world, and yes that does exist! One thing Stephen Curry understands and portrays is that  someone else has given him his talents. That someone else is God. Humble or nah?



Integrity has been described as doing the right thing when nobody's looking. I don't know Stephen Curry personally, YET but integrity has a lot to do with your character, in my eyes.  As I mentioned earlier you must watch your habits, they become your character. I heard him say once that he and his wife hang out a lot at home together with their kids. Like I mentioned early I don't know Stephen Curry personally but the guy has no reason to lie about hanging out at home.



Loyalty is a great characteristics of a great leader, when you can sit out the whole fourth quarter and your teammates do not struggle with keeping the lead, That says a lot about how much you care about your teammates to put them in a position to where your teammates can do work with you not being on the court at all times, course he is still there with them as he turns into a cheerleader on the bench with his teammates. True loyalty is what others will do for you and also what they will say about you. Which leads me to love.



Anyone who is highly loved by their teammates, community, and fans are good. But when your wife tweets this:

Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.


Marriage is a reflection of unity, with that type of love coming out of your own wifes mouth! She knows her worth and who has the privilege of seeing her body. That is true love ladies and gentleman and also check out the video when Riley was talking and start singing, “way up I feel blessed” He did not interrupt her. In that moment do you think he was concerned about the reporters? or Riley? Who was the first person he spoke to after she finish her 5 word song?


Check it out and see for yourself


Stephen Curry is a true example of the foundations of success, honesty, character, faith, integrity, loyalty and love. I hope to meet him one day and share these thoughts over dinner with our wives.


What’s your purpose? Make sure you include these 6 foundations and you will be on the right path. Please share and leave comments. Maybe somebody will show this to Stephen or Ayesha Curry.

Thanks for reading!