Money or People which one is more important?

We live in a world where we think money makes the world go around. I strongly believe this is a lie and I will explain why. One of the most famous misinterpreted scriptures is money is the root of all evil. The verse actually says that “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” God makes it very clear in his first commandment, which is not a suggestion, that you should not have any other God before Him. This also includes money.



When I played football at Arkansas State University we had to take classes and workout during the summer. In order to have some money in my pocket I chose to work at a factory. Working at a factory meant I was making well over the minimum wage, which was awesome in my book. I worked on the line where I filled Just For Me hair kits. I can still hear the jingle in my head now  and the little girl on the commercial dancing around swinging her hair. Everyone who worked on that line eventually learned the jingle and sang it almost everyday. I worked the third shift also know as the graveyard shift. Now the money was good for a broke college student, but those hours were a killer. I went in around 11pm, got off at 7am and then I had class at 8am. For those who may be wondering,  yes, I still managed to pass my summer classes with a B+ average.


I think and ask myself, was I helping anyone? Yes! I was helping the company and also the little girls that would be using the hair kit to detangle their hair. My role was to ensure that each kit had a relaxer in it. Now, we all know they could have used somebody else for the job if they needed to. I was sold on the fact I could make a decent amount of money, but I also needed to understand that they offered me a job because some girl or woman in the USA needed that kit. Without the need for the kit, there would be no need for me. We have to understand that people need people in any circumstance, whether it is business or personal. Regardless of your profession, the more you give your service, the greater the financial reward. Money is needed but people are needed first. If we do not understand that, we will eventually look past or even hurt someone in order to get to the dollar bill we are chasing.


You can’t get too much money, now if the money gets you than that's too much. If money every becomes your God you will be a miserable human being for life. -Zig Ziglar


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