Do you Want Instant Success?

Are you wanting what you want now, are not willing to wait? Do you struggle with instant gratification?


I believe the way our world is structured has a lot to do with those questions. We rather go to a fast food restaurant, than take the time to prepare a meal. We rather pay for something we don't really need on a credit card than work and save the money. When you go into a store with no intention to purchase, but you see a item you must own you know you don't have the money but that you can apply for store credit and take it home today. That can be a start of a bad habit, because everything you get is based on an impulse and you get a sense of satisfaction every time you purchase. What happens when you have that same type of mindset going into losing weight, getting a promotion, or doing anything that would progress you toward a goal.


I am in the world of sales and one reason I wanted to be in sales is to become a manager. I wanted to become a manager because I wanted to be a business owner. So my logic was that I would work my way up the ladder so I could understand how to be a business owner. Starting as a salesperson was hard for me in the beginning because I did not understand why I needed to be a salesperson. I just wanted to be the manager so I could run the store and learn how to manage people. I soon realized after reading and studying others who started off as a salesperson, I needed to learn how to manage myself. I said I would become a manager in 2 years. I went to work learning to manage myself, how to manage my time, how to handle customers, and how to avoid others who were negative. At the time I was pretty new to the work field and did not understand why others would not cheer me on if I was doing well. Especially in sales, coming from a football background I would think everybody would love to see each other do well. I found out others only wanted you to do good, as long as it does not make them look bad. That was not my intention or goal, it was to take care of my family and get in a position to advance.


After learning how to manage myself and to hit the goals I set for myself every month, I was given the chance to advance to sales manager after 2 years and a few months. I was excited to take on the journey because I was connected to my bigger goal of becoming a business owner.

I believe you have to take the same approach to find a life that will be much more purposeful. It will take time but understand that is time that is not wasted when you have something you are aiming for long term. Be prepared for others around you to not support you but when you have that long term vision than the small defeat will be just that, small!


What do you know need to do to focus on long term success in your life? Rather it is getting a promotion, losing weight, getting your finances under control, and the list can go on. You have to first eliminate the mindset that you can do it all tomorrow.


What is your purpose and how can you move closer towards it?