How do you live life?

Why do we live life so aimlessly? Why do we believe that where we are in life can’t get any better?


A recent study was done by Dr. Mark DeBoer saying that children that watch a least an hour of television were 50% to 60% more like to be overweight and 58% to 73% more likely to be obese. Research also implicated both a reduced amount of energy expenditure, a decrease in sleep and an increase in eating opportunities fueled by unhealthy food commercials. If this type of behavior is practiced as a child, what do you think will happen when that same child turns into an adult? You live an aimless life because that is exactly what you aim for. You don't want to be overweight BUT you have to take that last bite. You know we need to go to bed BUT you have to watch the next episode. All that I am trying to get across, is that you will not be able to see that you life  can get better until you can make better choices, and being responsible for the choice that you make. Here is a question to think about. Whose choice is it to let a child watch television for hours? Now ask the question, whose choice is it to let that adult watch television?


The football player that really wants to get better at not fumbling will find ways to practice not fumbling. The person who has anger issues and wants to get better takes anger management. The photographer that wants to work on taking better photos, will find books to read and courses to take to become a better photographer. We are made for a purpose and when you make choices to help identify our purpose then we start to see that where we are in life is not the final stop.


Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment below to tell me what is going through your head right now. Go make choices that will help you find your purpose!


Jahbari McLennan