How do you respond?

I remember when I was a little boy and my mother worked the late night shift at the United State Postal Service. She always worked hard to make sure my sister and I was taken care of. She would not complain much and always would love on us and others. I remember one time when my mom was getting ready to go to work. Now keep in mind that I was a mama’s boy so I did not like to see her leave for work. I did understand that she needed to work in order to help pay bills and help take care of us. Before she left that night I hopped into her vehicle, I want to say it was a ford explorer. I hid in the back so she could not see me. As a little boy I love playing tricks on both my mom and dad. She got in her car as usual and headed to work not knowing I was hiding in the back. The fact I was getting away with being in the back of her vehicle was a thrill for me. I did not say anything as I heard her gathering her things to get out of the car, and at the last second I popped my head up and said “MAMA”. With the love and confusion of my mom she looked at me and said, Jahbari what are you doing? I believe I said something along the lines of I am going to work with you. My mother always responded with Love. I believe that when we make the choice to responded in love it shows that we are willing to accept people for where they are, instead of getting upset for where you think they should be. I seen this at a young age but only over time I was able to understand how to apply that type of love.



My mother was a good example for me. This is why I wanted to write this blog today to say thank you mom. Thank you for choosing to love at times when you could of responded a different way. We all have a choice, just like the many times my mom chose to love me with her belt to my bottom. I needed that love. Happy Birthday!



What your purpose? I don't know but what if you respond to others with love instead of anger?


Be Blessed