What did I learn from the Fresh Prince?

When do we as a generation start to look at ourselves as the problem? 


When do we understand that it is not our boss, our job, our spouse or kids or even our circumstances that are not the reasons we are where we are? 


You only have yourself to blame when you let those things control the outcome of your joy and, better yet, your life. 


One of the most touching episodes from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air will help me illustrate my point.  Will (Will Smith) has not seen his Father for years because he has been driving trucks around the U.S.A earned good money. The time Will opens up to his Dad, excitingly awaiting to hang out on the road, his Dad tries to leave without telling him goodbye due to accepting another big job which would result in his absence for another long while. Will caught him before he leaves and his Dad has to break the bad news to him. Moments after his Dad leaves, Will starts talking about how he is never there for him. It motivated Will to be to be a much better Father than his Dad was to him. 


What would happen if Will never aims to be a better Father than his Father? He may just become like his Father; walking out on his family when money calls.

Will took responsibility for his life and future to never let what his Father did control his outcome in life. That is pretty deep! Who has hurt you in your past that is still controlling your life right now? Do you even know that they are controlling you? Question I would ask Will, on the show, when he becomes a Dad and possibly fails and walks out at a time or two on his family, who is responsible for walking out on your family? YOU!!! 


It’s easier to blame than to take responsibility.

Why are you stuck where you are right now? Who is to blame, you or someone else? How are they stopping you from living a purposeful life? Only you can answer that question. If you don't, you will be responsible for that choice.


Link to the scene.