#wyst blog challenge day 16 Who do you think you?

When you choice to grow and step out of your comfort zone, you start to welcome new ideas and information into your mind. A part of the journey is to understand how to process the information correctly. Insights on who you are as a individual and how you process life in certain situations are important to study. I have always like to look at personality test to help give me insight to how I am wired and others as well. The past few years D.I.S.C has been my go to personality test. I believe the reason why is because it is not give me to much information up front unless I ask for it. I do believe in detailed studies and I dive into them once when I plan ahead of time.

If I ask you a quick question I am most likely looking for a quick answer, there is a exception at times. Their are some people that are wired to want to give me a 300 page book for a quick answer. Only so you can understand the quick answer with more depth. Now there's nothing wrong with me or the person who would give me a 300 page book, we are wired differently. Therefore because we are wired differently we both have a different definition of how we like to receive information.

This is why I love D.I.S.C because it is a great tool to use in helping you and I understand ourselves and those around us. If you know me well enough you know I am very outgoing and people oriented. So you can understand why someone like me would have to give extra effort to dive into a book that is 300 pages more than I wanted. I am a high I and that person most likely is a high C, before I get to far let me give you a basic overview of D.I.S.C

D.I.S.C is a tool that is used to help you and I understand each others personalities style and how we communicate. Being in sales I have seen how this simple tool can help you understand how to understand customers and co-workers. Once again it is a tool and it is in no way labeling you and I. Labeling someone can be disabling and how I see the purpose of D.I.S.C is to be used to enable someone, which is what we all want!!

The first question you have to ask yourself is, I am more of an outgoing person or a reserved person? In order to answer this question accurately you must know that this is who you are at your natural state. Do you get fueled by going out and about and moving around fast  paceor by just taking it slow and easy. Neither one is good or bad, it is just more of who you are to your core.

Second question, are you more tasked oriented or people oriented? When you lay in bed at night do you mentally review what all you got done on your to do list? A perfect day is when you get everything done you set out to do. Some people feelings got hurt but the task was completed. Or when you lay in bed that night do you think about all the people you talked to or interactive with. Do you think about how you might of hurted John feelings because of the way you said something?

Base off how you answered those questions will determine if you are the following.

D dominant outgoing/task oriented

I inspiring outgoing/people oriented

S supportive reserved/ people oriented

C cautious reserves/ task oriented

I also made a video titled, who do you think you are? With the help of Dr. Robert Rohn I am learning more about myself and other. I believe this is key to understand if we want to learn how to connect and communicate more effectively.

Until tomorrow, what’s your self talk?