#wyst blog challenge day 14 A talk with Mom

As you mature in life you start to look back and understand what you overlooked when you were growing up. I called my mom and asked her a thousand questions about her and my dad being married. I found some answers I was completely unaware of. My mother lost a baby boy in her stomach  and did not have me until 2 years later. She told me that is was at this time she deepen her relationship with God. She would pray to have a strong and healthy baby.

My mother is the main reason I have such a strong relationship with God today and nothing can ever tear me away from him. Because I just found out it was Him my mother cried to so I could come into this world.

Learn the story of your birth and how you came into this world. I am grateful to still have my mother and can call her to have these type of conversations. Nothing in the world can replace this call with her tonight.

Until tomorrow, what’s your self talk? #wyst?