#wyst blog challenge Day 12 The Matrix

I want you to put yourself in Mr. Anderson shoes, also known as Neo in the Matrix. I want you to process what the agents said to him when they had him in custody. “It seems like you are living two lives and one of them have a future.”

I believe this is true for you and me, because we are faced with the same choice Neo was faced with when  sitting down with Morpheus. Leading up to the choice to pick the red or blue pill, caught on to what Morpheus said,” the Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

Neo ask him” what truth?” Not to long afterwards he give him the choice to take the red or blue pill. If you have not seen the movie he took the red pill, but why?

Neo just like you and me understand there is more to life we need to discover. But in order to really live and experience life we must escape the toxic way of thinking.

What are the lies you tell yourself? I rather win something then earn it, why is this a lie? Because when we understand that we are created for work and we love the rewards that comes from honest labor.

How about “ I am just waiting on my time and when it is right it will come to me. “ That’s two lies, the time is now because we are not guarantee another day on this earth.

Waiting for the magic gift to come to you is the other lie, because what Morpheus and Neo later found out is that we have everything that we need. We need to start believing more in our own abilities.

Choice to build one skill, believe in yourself! Once you do you will become your own version of Neo.

You are the one!! Until tomorrow, what’s your self talk? #wyst?