#wyst Challenge blog day 6 Six Senses

Listen to this idea by Daniel Pink, which I think is the correct way to start thinking if you want find purpose in today’s world.


After decades of of pursinging riches, wealth seems less alluring. For them, (He is referring to Baby Boomers and other generations) and many others in this era, meaning is the new money.


I find this to be very true today because when you look around you and see so many people wanting to fit. We all have a sense of wanting to find out how to have fit in and feel like we are living with purpose. The reason this is so hard for some people is  because everyone have just wanted to be more like the Jones. Rather you want to admit it or not we all have lived the comparing game at some point in our life. We have always wanted to have more of the latest cars, house, and plastic surgery because we don't know who we really are. Now we are moving towards a new era that wants to really find out what they stand for and what they want to represent. Now this is just my point of view.


To help me paint more of the point, I want to walk through the six senses Daniel Pink explain in “A Whole New Mind.” He talks about how we make to embrace more of the R-Directed aptitude. In Day 3 of this blog challenge I talked more about the difference of the left and right brain.  

In order to grow more in the business world you have to understand these six sense we all need. Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, Meaning. Let dig in a little to understand what he means.


Not just function but also Design. Its is not longer ok just to create a product or service that just functions. It is crucial to create something that will stand out and engage when others other on a emotional level.


Not just argument but also Story. Today we have more than enough information, so we need to learn how to present ourself in more of compelling way.


Not just focus but also Symphony. Much of the industrial and information Age required focus and specialization. As white collar jobs get reduced to software there’s a new premium on the opposite aptitude. What’s in great demand is a combination of of ideas that sees the big picture.


Not just logic but also Empathy. Logic thinking is expected from us as humans. Once again we all a lot of information at our fingertips. We need to master the ability to understand how to make our fellow woman or man tick. To obtain such a skill will show others how much you really care.


Not just seriousness but also Play. There is always a time to be serious but in work and in life we need to play. I am a big jokester but very few know about this.


Not just accumulation but also Meaning. I will repeat him word for word on this point. We live in a world breathtaking material plenty. That has freed hundreds of millions of people from day-to-day struggle and liberated us to pursue more significant desires: Purpose, transcendence, spiritual fulfillment.


I 100% agree with that last point! I hope that was informal for you, now pay attention to how social media will adapt these scenes. Until tomorrow. What's your self talk?  #wyst?