#wyst challenge blog day 5

With yesterday being sunday I wanted to touched bases on the points that were made on our sermons. I take great pride to learning how to apply God’s word to everyday life. First let's start with the 3 points:

-Mission begins with really seeing people as they are

-Mission is about connecting people to the power of Jesus

-Opposition + Faith= Progress.

Chad Rogers is the lead pastor and did a great good at illustrating these points in throughout the sermon. To make to it more interesting I grabbed a book called “the life book” by carl blunt. This book would explain the Bible in more of a short story format. The goals of this book is put God’s word in the hands and hearts of every high school student.

I loved the way the book started off because it goes right in line with the first point of the sermon. There are four high school students and each of them will ask questions and make notes throughout the book. Each of them are identified by their handwriting. You do obtain a brief overview of how they view the world and one kid jumped out to me. Dylan who is 17 loves games and science fiction. Dylan exact words are, “ not really into spiritually stuff but I am open-minded.” Which for some reason caught my interest and you will find out shortly.

But because I choose to see Dylan as he is I am now more open to learn how he views the world. This is a huge point to understand because until we are open to accept people for who they are, we will never really be able to see how to help them.

“Mission begins with really seeing people as they are”

This will be the key to really understand how to create a movement of individual that understand that #wyst is a movement of people choosing to live the life God intended.

Now when God signed up Moses as he next leader by speaking to him through a burning bush(the bush was on fire, but not burning up) in the desert.

Dylan said, “Science check. Okay how does that happen? On fire, but not burning? I guess if you believe God made everything, then He can mess with scientific laws whenever it wants.”

Jesus came into the earth to empathize and empower us by example. By leaving us his spirit we can now take him wherever we go. Dylan at this point of the story has not been introduced to Jesus so I will attempt to connect this next point as clear as I can right now.

It is important for me to always empathize with other so I can understand how to Love them like Jesus loved me.That was close to a Sunday school answer but the best way I could put it. By not going into judging mode when Dylan make this statement points to this next point.

“Mission is about connecting people to the power of Jesus”

The next and last point will bring us home.

“Opposition + Faith= Progress”

When someone have resistance against something it means either they don’t fully understanding comprehend.

Their resistance is express in there actions or words. I have not finish the book but I know since he is opened he will make the connection. It take faith for the person teaching him the listen to understand this is process.

We all make process in our life and it has only come from us have opposition in my life. Because I do have faith in God who sent Jesus, I know my life on earth is to be a blessing to other and help them connection with people on a deeper level. So until next time. What’s your self talk?#wyst?

#wyst blog challenge Day 4 God, Albert Einstein, and My Mentor

August 4, 2014 I walked Into my mentor office and see both of his football helmets. One from Texas A&M and the other one from Green Bay Packers. His name is Terrence Murphy and if you were to go to college station and ask about him you would get a list of accolades. When I meet him I was in a community college going into my second year playing football. He showed and tough me how to put God First, always respect women more than they respect themselves and be a go getter in life. With his help I was able to fulfill my goal and commitment. My goal was to get a division 1 football program and I made a commitment to my mom that she will never was to pay for me to go to school. If that does not explain what kind of impact he has had on my life then just wait.


That day I walked into this TM5 properties office to visit him for the weekend. See how his family and business is doing. To see him seeing having success in a field completely opposite than football was inspiring to me. I believe we all have heroes in our life and it is safe to say he is one for me. Hero’s in my mind are people who inspire me to be someone great!


But that day I learn something I did not know. As I looked above the Green Bay Packer and Texas A&M helmet I seen a picture of Albert Einstein. It was a pretty big picture of his face and around him were equations. Now I knew very little of Albert Einstein but I knew him enough to recognize his face.


There is a documentary show on The National Geographic app called Genius. The first season they focused on the life of Albert Einstein. I am not finish yet so I know this will be a on going story. At this point I really have caught onto how Einstein used the #wyst principles.


1st, he would ask the question that do know else would ask or answer, which makes me thing of David Wallace commencement speech this is water. 2nd, he really fought against conformity he never accepted this is the way it has to be done. He understood your mind could only focus on what you allow it to focus on. Which lead him to this formula/sentence E=mc2. Which mean, It tells us that mass and energy are related, and, in those rare instances where mass is converted totally into energy, how much energy that will be. FYI I am not saying I fully understand but it has deep meaning to it. Last but not least, he always tied everything he understood back to God. He was able to understand that everything always tied back to him. Which I love because I believe everyone aim to pick God apart with science instead of understanding he is science.


Instill tomorrow what’s your self talk? #wyst?

#wyst blog challenge Day 3

This morning as I am reading the last few pages of 4 things women want from a man. A R Bernard is talking about strength and what type of strength women wants from her husband. The kind of strength that I am willing to live out my convictions regardless of what the crowd is doing. Then he said the following: “The bible teaches us that most people who follow the crowd don’t know why they’re doing it. In fact, most crowd followers don’t give much thought to the direction in which they’re heading. Crowd followers mistakenly believe that if “everybody else is doing it,” then “it”— whatever “it” happens to be must be okay. As a result, too many crowd-following folks think they’re barreling done the main highway when they’re actually bumping headlong down a dead-end street.”

I find this to be very true because very few people know how to think for them self and make wise choices. They rather the path be laid out for them so they don’t have to think, because that take too much work to come up with your own idea. Trust me I am not great with this but once you realize the opposite side of not thinking, you are willing to change your results you want. At least that is how I view it.

Quick history recap, in the 1950’s a man by the name Roger W. Sperry reshaped the way we understand our brains and ourselves. He discovered that the right side of our brain was different then the left side. Example the left side of our brain is responsible for handling words, processing sequential information and data processing. Think of anything that is communicated in an A,B,C fashion our left brain would be responsible. Example for the right side is anything dealing with creativity and nonverbal language. Have you ever seen a movie or commercial and it moves you emotionally that you started to cry? Then somebody ask you, “why are you crying?” You said, “I don’t know!” We’ll that is more of your right brain working.

This is what Roger Sperry discovered about our right brain or right hemisphere. When he dies in 1994 these were his words, “ modern society {still} discrimes against the right hemisphere.” You can find a more detailed breakdown in the book “ A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink.

Thank you for sticking with me because I didn’t care much for history as well when I was in school but I do now.

When we choose to follow the crowd and not think for yourself to make wise choices we will endup down a dead end. Roger Sperry research agreed with this approach to life because until 1950 everybody would just operate life from the left side of our brain. Which is why if you were to look back you would see a lot of routine jobs, houses, cars and etc. Today those same type of jobs are disappearing because people want more creative and empathic things to be apart of. We want to feed more of our creative side.

There is a huge amounts of people today who discriminate on social media and other creative Ideas because it does not match with what they grew up to understand. (Which is they only use there left brain to live life.) 

So anybody still living in this bubble is following the crowd and is running more and more into a dead end because they can’t process what the world is coming to. Or they are not willing to process.

Use what God has given you and use it to the best of your ability, seek out others who don’t want to run into a dead end. Until tomorrow, what’s your self talk? #wyst?

#wyst blog challenge Day 2...My Personal Self Talk..

Yesterday Shania and I started a class for our marriage. We are at a healthy place in our marriage but I also have learn that we always must strive to grow more. After the class first section was over we discuss a little about the homework and also recapping our day with each other. After talking with Shania she realize she need me to run a errand and stop by the store afterwards, for some candy. As I jump into her Jeep Compass that has the new apple carplay screen, which allows your phone to display your podcast app,message app and other apps on the screen. Now I am going to give you a trip into my personal mind and how I use the question, what’s your self talk?


I started to think about the class we wrapped up and some of the homework we were issued. I know what I need to do to get better as a husband and leader, then I started thinking about all the mistake I have made personally and in our marriage.  


One of the books I am read is from A.R. Bernard “Four Things Women Want From A Man,

Which are Maturity, Consistency, Decisiveness and Strength. He also stated these are the 4 things men also struggle with as well. In that moment after being reminded of this four points I started thinking about how I have struggle with them as well throughout the years. Now I am flooded with memories from the past and how I struggled to hold my word. As you may know you don't get ahead in life by focusing on the past because you will not move forward. So I asked myself, “Jahbari  what’s your self talk?” I was focusing on the negative in my life and that was not making me feel great about myself. “Then I said 5,4,3,2,1 now focus on what you want Jahbari!” Where have I heard that countdown before? Mel Robbins the 5 Second Rule and she was on a show I watch online called Impact Theory.( Click to watch this free interview to understand..beware of the language)  This tool that she uses to overcome that knowing/action gap, is something we can all learn from. It is backed by research on why it does work and how our brain can play tricks on us.


She goes on and talk about how she strugglde with self doubt, which is something I battle from time to time. One of those time were when I was in my wife Jeep Compass about to run those errands and it creeped up on me. So I turn to this interview when she was on Impact Theory to change my personal self talk, are starting to understand #wyst??(What’s your self talk)


Doubt can tell you that you are not worthy of those good things you want for yourself because you already have messed up your chances. Satan will come in and agree, so if you are not careful of what you feed your mind then you could easily fall into the trap that many people do when they have self doubt. Also you can forget how much progress you have made when you focus on your negative past.


So after beating up those negative thoughts and now have a clear mind, I had finished my errand and now stopping into the store to grab my wife something. As soon as I walked in I started looking for a certain candy to get my wife, I hear somebody come in about 10 seconds after me. I had no reason to pay attention to who this person was because I had one task, find candy for my wife. Then my focus was broke when I heard, “ I was just about to call you tomorrow!” I looked up to see who he was talking to and his eyes was fixed on me. It was my old barbara who was about to leave the store until he seen me walk into the store. He had a conversation with a young man earlier that day who was looking for some guidance.  He didn't know how to put it in words but the guy had a growth mindset and it though about me. He said “ I know about your success with speaking and real estate and I know he needs to talk with you.”


Here is my point, I was beating myself up and doubting if I could really grow into being a better leader in my personal life. Then I was reminded, you have been growing and others need you to keep going! Thank you Heavenly Father for this timely reminder. #wyst?


If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. 6 But let him ask in faith, without doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.

James 1:5-8


#wyst blog challenge Day 1 Principles, Patterns and Routines.

This is day 1 of my personal challenge to blog for 30 days. I have always held myself back from writing anything because I would always have to get someone to review it before I post it. Well in this challenge I will write a blog once a day about my l personal and business life. My goal is one thing, to get better at something I know I suck at doing. I should add I suck at doing without editing. You are welcome to leave any comments or suggestions on what I need to improve on and you can identify improvements. Thank you for reading my personal “What’s your self talk” blog. First topic is Principles, Patterns and routines.


I recently came from Texas after a business/personal trip and I was able to see my nieces. Who are now 4 (Mckenly) and 5 (Kyndle), I think. I look at my nieces like my own daughter and they as well light up every time they see me. Kyndle who is more of me when I was a child, super energetic, always finding something funny, and will talk your head off. That does not sound like me one bit, I rest my case. Mckenly  is the opposite, shy, soft spoken, observe every detail around her. Her and my wife are best friends and she is always asking me, “where is Ne-Ne”? Which is my wife nickname for those who know her understand why.


Everytime I wanted to take a picture with them Kyndle would be all smiles from ear to ear and ready. Majority of the time when she seen me holding the phone in a selfie position she would already start smiling with her head down and eyes looking at the camera. Now Mckleny on the other hand was a little difference. When she smiled it was one of two smiles, either she would have her head tilted up with her eyes looking slightly down and you would see her chin more then her face. Or she would have her mouth half way open with her top teeth showing. Both of those smiles were patterns I caught onto. The one she did more frequently was with her chin tilted up. I would always say, “put your head down” but It would not get me anywhere with her.

So as I started to take a picture with her again she would do the same thing. It become routine for her to take a picture this way. Just like her sister ,Kyndle, routine was to smile while she seen me getting ready to take a picture. This time I asked her, why do you smile with your chin up in the air? She said, nothing. Then I went to tell her she has a beautiful smile and I wanted to see her use it more when she take pictures with me. Then I went to tell her she is a beautiful queen! After asking and then explaining, she took a beautiful picture with me after understanding the principles  her was acting on.


Now why was she smiling like this before? I have no idea but I knew she was not taking advantage of the beautiful smile God had given her. What I have realized is that when we have patterns in our life that we are uncertain of why we have them or we are unaware of those patterns. The principles that we are basing those patterns off of are false or never been identified. Than it will become routine for us and we don't even think about what or why we are doing what we are doing.  


Start defining the principles you will live your life on. Start identifying the bad patterns you have builded in your life. Ask yourself why do I do this? If you know why, then ask yourself if this patterns is representing the principles I wanted to live by. If your answer is no then let's take action at becoming the person you want to become and grow away from that toxic pattern. In order to grow you have to have a growth mindset and this is why I ask myself daily. What’s your self talk? Because I must choose to grow every second of the day. If not then I have a fixed mindset and people don't live fulfilling life with a fixed mindset. So until tomorrow, what’s your self talk? #wyst?



Where are you going in life?

Have you ever heard the story about John Jones in New York City?


*He wanted to go to Boston, so he went to the airport and bought a ticket. Having a few minutes to spare, he walked over to some scales, stepped on them, inserted a coin, and down came his fortune: “ Your name is John Jones, you weigh 188 pounds, and you are going to catch the 2:20 to Boston.” He was astounded because all of the information was correct. So he stepped back on the scales, inserted another coin and down came his fortune: “ Your name is still John Jones, you still weigh 188 pounds, and you are still going to catch the 2:20 to Boston.” Now he was puzzled than ever and sensing a trick, he decided to “fool” whoever or whatever was responsible. He went into the men’s room and changed clothes. Once again he stepped on the scales, inserted his coin and down came his fortune: “Your name is still John Jones, you still weigh 188 pounds, but you just missed the 2:20 to Boston.


Do you feel you have missed the 2:20 to Boston a few times in your life? I know we all have and we can fall off course very fast. We can get distracted with life and miss out on enjoying life. You and I have missed out on life because we have let too many circumstance determine how our life is going to go. I am just going to share two tips with you that has helped me stay on course to my purpose and allowed me to say no without feeling bad.

First, you have to write down your goals you want to reach in life. Very simple but very few follow this simple principle throughout life. Have you ever heard someone say, “ You will either work towards your goal or work towards someone else's goal?” I believe this is very true just because you and I have done a poor job at writing down our goals in life. So when you have a hard day you can view that list and remind yourself, “today might of been hard but it did help me get closer to my goals I set for myself.” Even if you feel like the day is a complete bust, you looking at your list of your goals will help you understand how you need to reevaluate your day and make improvements.

Second, you are putting the wrong information in your mind. You said you want to start your own business or get a promotion( a promotion is anything you feel that will advance you in your career) but you never make time to learn and implement a plan. Instead you go to your facebook feed and see what everybody is talking about instead of read or watching material that will help you start your business or get a promotion. When you set a goal for yourself ask yourself, how am I using my time, money, resources and energy to reach my goal? After asking that question you will start to think twice about going to facebook.


I want you to win in life because if you don't than you will let yourself down and others who look up to you. You need to take action on the goals you want to reach so download this simple goal setting form to help you get started now.


Remember this form from Wallace Wattles “ What God wants is that you should make the most of yourself, for yourself, and others and you can help others more by making the most of your than in any other way”


Click here now and start to write down your goals you want to reach.

*See You At the Top by Zig Ziglar

click here for your copy.

Do you Want Instant Success?

Are you wanting what you want now, are not willing to wait? Do you struggle with instant gratification?


I believe the way our world is structured has a lot to do with those questions. We rather go to a fast food restaurant, than take the time to prepare a meal. We rather pay for something we don't really need on a credit card than work and save the money. When you go into a store with no intention to purchase, but you see a item you must own you know you don't have the money but that you can apply for store credit and take it home today. That can be a start of a bad habit, because everything you get is based on an impulse and you get a sense of satisfaction every time you purchase. What happens when you have that same type of mindset going into losing weight, getting a promotion, or doing anything that would progress you toward a goal.


I am in the world of sales and one reason I wanted to be in sales is to become a manager. I wanted to become a manager because I wanted to be a business owner. So my logic was that I would work my way up the ladder so I could understand how to be a business owner. Starting as a salesperson was hard for me in the beginning because I did not understand why I needed to be a salesperson. I just wanted to be the manager so I could run the store and learn how to manage people. I soon realized after reading and studying others who started off as a salesperson, I needed to learn how to manage myself. I said I would become a manager in 2 years. I went to work learning to manage myself, how to manage my time, how to handle customers, and how to avoid others who were negative. At the time I was pretty new to the work field and did not understand why others would not cheer me on if I was doing well. Especially in sales, coming from a football background I would think everybody would love to see each other do well. I found out others only wanted you to do good, as long as it does not make them look bad. That was not my intention or goal, it was to take care of my family and get in a position to advance.


After learning how to manage myself and to hit the goals I set for myself every month, I was given the chance to advance to sales manager after 2 years and a few months. I was excited to take on the journey because I was connected to my bigger goal of becoming a business owner.

I believe you have to take the same approach to find a life that will be much more purposeful. It will take time but understand that is time that is not wasted when you have something you are aiming for long term. Be prepared for others around you to not support you but when you have that long term vision than the small defeat will be just that, small!


What do you know need to do to focus on long term success in your life? Rather it is getting a promotion, losing weight, getting your finances under control, and the list can go on. You have to first eliminate the mindset that you can do it all tomorrow.


What is your purpose and how can you move closer towards it?


Are you Consistent?



Every night before I go to sleep I aim to read or listen to something positive. Over the last few months I have built this habit because I have seen the result of me sleeping better and waking up excited. My book this month is Zig Ziglar Over The Top and this quote popped out to me.


“Feeling follow actions. So when you don’t really want to or feel like doing what needs to be done-do it and then you will feel like doing it.”


I have built some incredible habits since October 2015. One important thing that I have learned from my mentor is, the fastest way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits. I was sure I had to be consistent because I was in a spot where I wanted a change for myself badly. Manily because I realize I was at a point in my career where I wanted and felt like I had more to offer. Have you ever felt that way?



A couple of days prior to me reading that quote above in Over The Top I noticed I was not being as consistent with my reading. I would not wake up early and spend time in the Word of and I would not get up early to work on my dream. March is know for Madness, because it is March Madness where there are tons of college basketball games played in one month, well this was the beginning of my madness. Because over the last six months I felt like I was on fire at pursuing my passion. My passion did not die but my fire went down a little and so when I went to sleep that night I had a dream I will never forget. Now let me point out I do not remember my dreams often so the fact  that I still can recall this dream today shows how much of an eye opener it was for me. I heard somebody once say “ a man who dreams with there eyes open is a dangerous man.” Also I started my self talk again, which is claiming qualities in the mirror so that I can grow in the the person that will bring glory to God and benefit mankind. Access my interview on the Ziglar podcast as I talked about my self talk experience with the host Kevin Miller and my Mentor Tom Ziglar Episode 362.



Now one thing I can say is that I don't have any idea where I was located in my dream. I do remember talking to a male in a nice black pin stripe suit. I was listening to a recording, I am sure it was Zig Ziglar but what caught my attention was the guy repeating the recording word for word. I looked at him with a shocking look on my face because I had no idea who this guy was and he is repeating a recording I was listening to. I wanted to be able to repeat that recording word for word but all I was able to do was finish the end of a sentence. As he caught me looking at him he said “ You have to keep listening to it over and over. You have to keep doing it over and over. I believe I said “ok” and then two other guys came out of nowhere and started listening to the recording with us. We didn't say much but the last thing I remember is seeing three well dressed guys all listening  to the same recording.



I believe this dream had a lot to do with me being consistent. I know that I struggle with whenever I start something I struggle to finish. That dream is a constant reminder that I have to be just as consistent in the end as I am in the beginning. Chances are you are like me and wanted to do something only when you felt like it. If I workout only when I feel like it I would not be in the shape I am in now. If I read only when I feel like it than I probably would not read as many books as I have in the past 6 months. If I got out of bed only when I felt like it, I would be unemployed. Here are a few steps I am going to follow to help me be consistent in chasing significance.



  1. Have a consistent schedule.


I know each day will be different but when I know what time I want to get up in the morning I know what time I need to go to bed

     2) Doing something I am passionate about.

I learn that if I am not doing something that will make me happy I will try anything and do everything everyone else is telling me to do. That is a never ending process.

     3) Last but not least.

Feed my mind and heart positive material. Books, Podcasts, Music, and even the movies I watch. I have been very specific on what type of movies I watch, because I will always remember certain parts of the movie in my mind.


You are who you are and where you are because of what goes into your mind, you can change who you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind. -Zig Ziglar



How consistent have you been with the goals you set for 2016? Comment and share. Go and live life on purpose. Thank you for reading!


What's the difference between personal development and self- fulfillment?

What's the difference between personal development and self- fulfillment?


As I was reading one of my books for the month I came across two words that really caught my attention. I believe you and I all have chased self-fulfillment at one point in our lives. Self- fulfillment is a self-centered approach to life that ultimately prevents us from reaching our full potential. I believe this to be very true because when you are only concerned about yourself, you isolate yourself from others. I am more interested in self improvement books than some non fiction story, no offense but I would rather watch a movie than read a book about a nonfiction story. I have always wanted to learn to be better at whatever I decided to do in life. That is why Zig Ziglar has had such a huge impact on my life. I have never in my life sought out books like I have Zig Ziglar books and to me that it more valuable and entertaining than playing the game, watching tv, and being on social media. Putting information of value in my mind has become a priority of mine. When I first get out of bed I tell myself “ I cannot wait for the opportunity the world has for me today.” You and I have to look at each day as an opportunity to recognize, claim and develop or God-given abilities. What is the point if we just let time pass. One thing that is true, is that we are going to be dead a lot more longer than we are alive. So do you want your funeral to be full of people that lives you've touched or people who are glad to see you gone? Harsh question but I believe it needs to be answered early so we learn how to start living to help others. That is the main difference between personal growth and self- fulfillment. One is learning for the benefit of knowledge for them self and another one is learn so you can help others grow.

Which one are you chasing? Are you living a purposeful life?

What did I learn from the Fresh Prince?

When do we as a generation start to look at ourselves as the problem? 


When do we understand that it is not our boss, our job, our spouse or kids or even our circumstances that are not the reasons we are where we are? 


You only have yourself to blame when you let those things control the outcome of your joy and, better yet, your life. 


One of the most touching episodes from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air will help me illustrate my point.  Will (Will Smith) has not seen his Father for years because he has been driving trucks around the U.S.A earned good money. The time Will opens up to his Dad, excitingly awaiting to hang out on the road, his Dad tries to leave without telling him goodbye due to accepting another big job which would result in his absence for another long while. Will caught him before he leaves and his Dad has to break the bad news to him. Moments after his Dad leaves, Will starts talking about how he is never there for him. It motivated Will to be to be a much better Father than his Dad was to him. 


What would happen if Will never aims to be a better Father than his Father? He may just become like his Father; walking out on his family when money calls.

Will took responsibility for his life and future to never let what his Father did control his outcome in life. That is pretty deep! Who has hurt you in your past that is still controlling your life right now? Do you even know that they are controlling you? Question I would ask Will, on the show, when he becomes a Dad and possibly fails and walks out at a time or two on his family, who is responsible for walking out on your family? YOU!!! 


It’s easier to blame than to take responsibility.

Why are you stuck where you are right now? Who is to blame, you or someone else? How are they stopping you from living a purposeful life? Only you can answer that question. If you don't, you will be responsible for that choice.


Link to the scene. 

What are you doing for the New Year?

On June 9th 2015 I decided to improve my selfish well as my self image, because for the first time in my life I realized I needed to #seekchange. From my outside appearance you would probably say I was doing pretty well for a 27 year old. I am happily married to the most beautiful lady in my world, I call her “my pretty lady.” I was recently promoted to sales manager after two years in my career of automobile sales. The only debt that was tied to my name was house that my pretty lady and I just moved into. I knew who God was and I listened to a lot of his wisdom to help me get to that point in my life. From the inside I felt that I was not using my full potential and that feeling was dreadful.

I chose to look myself in the mirror and remind myself that first, I am a child of God.

Secondly, I am a good-finder who is trustworthy, which I realized it is very hard to find somebody who is trustworthy. What does that mean?

You cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.

So I started to tell myself that I was those two attributes daily and would feel pretty darn good about myself regardless of what was going on around me.

After a month passed I started to say, “I Jahbari McLennan, a completely patient person and everyday I am getting better and better at goal setting. Chances are you are just like me and everyone else. We know what we are not good at doing and even do a better job at not trying to get better in that particular area. Well goal setting was not my thing at all because I had somewhat of a poor-self image of myself. (If you have a 1% chance you struggle with the image of yourself, you may also have struggled with poor self image)

As I started to tell myself I was going to get better at goal setting everyday, my subconscious mind went to work on me to complete that task. I started to listen more consistently to positive music and fully enrolled into automobile university, which in my case I listened to a lot of Zig Ziglar in my car while I drive.

Than I started to see how much of a priority goal setting should be in my life.

I read this in See You At The Top:

Yes there is danger in setting goals , but  the risk is infinitely greater when you don’t set goals. The reason is simple. Just as ships are built to sail the seas, planes to fly the heavens, and houses for living, so is man created for a purpose. YOU are here for a reason. That purpose is to get everything out of you that is humanly possible so you can make your contributions to mankind. Goals enable you to do more for yourself and others, too.



Did you know that 150 million people make New Year's Confession? (check out my video)

Did you know a quarter of those people will abandon their resolution in just a week?

Only 8 percent will be successful, which would leave 138 million people going into next year with the same or similar New Year's Confession.


I will leave you with this question, are you going to live with purpose this year or wander around hoping something good happens to you?


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Why should you forgive?



I believe we all go through great suffering each with family members, friends, teammates or coworkers. I use to wrestle with forgiving my sister, and it was not easy at first until I really understood why I needed to forgive. It was to release me from thinking  none loving thoughts and plus I felt it was more work to not forgive than to forgive. My wife and I are currently taking care of my two nieces Kyndle and Mckenly and they are a bundle of joy. It is crazy how much more I have falling in love with them over time and since I have fully forgiven there mom.


Dr Martin Luther King jr would explain forgiveness in a deep and truthful way, this is from his book Strength To Love,

Forgiveness does not mean ignoring what has been done or putting a false label on an evil act. It means, rather, that the evil act no longer remains as a barrier to the relationship. Forgiveness is a catalyst creating the atmosphere necessary for a fresh start and a new beginning. It is the lifting of a burden or the canceling of a debt. The words “I will forgive, but I’ll never forget what you’ve done” never explain the real nature of forgiveness. Certainly one can never forget, if that means erasing it totally from the mind. But when we forget, if that means erasing it totally from his mind. But when we forgive, we forget in the sense that evil deed is no longer a mental block impending a relationship. Likewise, we can never say, “ I will forgive you but I won’t have anything further to do with you.” Forgiveness means reconciliation, a coming together again. Without this, no man can love his enemies. The degree to which we are able to forgive determines the degree to which we are able to love.


You do more damage to yourself when you hold something against someone. You probably would say, “well that person don't deserve forgiveness!” Well I will leave you with these wise words I read not to long ago. “ God himself, does not propose to judge man until the end of the days.”

The only thing we are promised is the moment we have right now. Use it wisely


What's your purpose? I am not sure so make sure you forgive for your chance to find your purpose.


Thank you for Reading. Jesus is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

Why Stephen Curry?

For those that may not know I am a Stephen Curry fan, not just because he's a great basketball player with an amazing shot (wet) but because he stands for something far more greater than basketball. I will be a fan of Stephen Curry regardless of what type basketball season he has or the remaining of his career. I want to break down how this man comes across to me and why he is someone I would want to personally know and one day become good friends.




I have never played sports on a professional level but I have on a collegiate level. You are always being interviewed by reporters and one thing Stephen Curry always does in his interviews is tell the truth about his opponents. I have not heard him criticize or condemn the team he played or is playing nor his own teammates. To me that say a lot about his Character



IT has been expressed to me in this way:

  • Watch your words; they become actions

  • Watch your actions; they become habits

  • Watch your habits; they become character

  • Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

We all see what type of destiny he is molding for himself.



The man does not hide his Faith. From the two taps against his chest and then pointing up when he scores, the opening of his MVP Speech, hanging out on stage with Lecrae and to his little daughter at the press conference, Riley Curry, saying, “Way up, I feel blessed.” When you humble yourself and realize you don't have all the answer but somebody else does. You have a peace of mind and outlook on this world, and yes that does exist! One thing Stephen Curry understands and portrays is that  someone else has given him his talents. That someone else is God. Humble or nah?



Integrity has been described as doing the right thing when nobody's looking. I don't know Stephen Curry personally, YET but integrity has a lot to do with your character, in my eyes.  As I mentioned earlier you must watch your habits, they become your character. I heard him say once that he and his wife hang out a lot at home together with their kids. Like I mentioned early I don't know Stephen Curry personally but the guy has no reason to lie about hanging out at home.



Loyalty is a great characteristics of a great leader, when you can sit out the whole fourth quarter and your teammates do not struggle with keeping the lead, That says a lot about how much you care about your teammates to put them in a position to where your teammates can do work with you not being on the court at all times, course he is still there with them as he turns into a cheerleader on the bench with his teammates. True loyalty is what others will do for you and also what they will say about you. Which leads me to love.



Anyone who is highly loved by their teammates, community, and fans are good. But when your wife tweets this:

Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.


Marriage is a reflection of unity, with that type of love coming out of your own wifes mouth! She knows her worth and who has the privilege of seeing her body. That is true love ladies and gentleman and also check out the video when Riley was talking and start singing, “way up I feel blessed” He did not interrupt her. In that moment do you think he was concerned about the reporters? or Riley? Who was the first person he spoke to after she finish her 5 word song?


Check it out and see for yourself


Stephen Curry is a true example of the foundations of success, honesty, character, faith, integrity, loyalty and love. I hope to meet him one day and share these thoughts over dinner with our wives.


What’s your purpose? Make sure you include these 6 foundations and you will be on the right path. Please share and leave comments. Maybe somebody will show this to Stephen or Ayesha Curry.

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Who is Zig Ziglar

Do you know Zig Ziglar?



I asked that question to two classes I spoke with on November 11th and nobody raised their hand, besides the professor. I asked them to raise there hand if they knew lil wayne and all of their hands shot up. I say lil’ wayne because I was a huge fan of him when I was in high school and college. I knew every single word, and quite frankly they are still stuck in my brain.


First point I wanted to a make is lil wayne is a rapper and Zig Ziglar is a Motivational speaker. They both use words to express how they feel on stage. Go to youtube and compare the two and send me an email to jm@jahbarimclennan.com on what you think.


Second point, Zig Ziglar has encouraged and inspired millions of people to live positive and encouraging lifes. He encouraged people like Tony Gaskins Jr, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, LL Cool J, Les Brown, Brian Tracy and the list can go on. Please look them up on google as well as I found out yesterday not many knew some of those names. He was known as one of the greatest speakers known to mankind.


See this is the reality we live in today, when you go look up Qualities of success with Zig Ziglar you will see around 82k views. You can look up Lollipop on youtube it will have 190,521,162 million views. (the last time I checked) One of my favorite quotes by Zig Ziglar;


“You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind

You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.”


I became intrigued when I first heard this quote by him and decided to check out more of what he stood for. I came to find out that every speech he gave supported that quote. He would even talk about how other people's lives that have been changed. I started to listen to him more and more and even took some of the challenges he would issue out. It started with his 30-day self talk, at that moment I started to see my life change. It was more of an internal change that was taking place. I can't even explain how much I changed on how I see todays world because of him.


So I am a honored to say Nov. 16-20 I will join Tom Ziglar, who is the president of Ziglar Inc. (proud son of Zig) and 23 other people from around the world to become ZLC (Ziglar Legacy Certification) Trainers. We have been been selected to represent all the principles he lived by and teach others those same principles. As Zig Ziglar would say, “I will not only see you at the top, hey I will see you over the top!”  



The assassination site of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that he shared with over 250,000 thousand people at the Lincoln Memorial. Dr. King understood his purpose. His dream was to bring peace among our nation. Dr. King was a man that stood for nonviolence. He was more than a man that just stood for nonviolence, he was a man that put his life on the line for is Dream to come to fruition. He wanted to help others see that he was not going to only talk about these things but live them out daily. Can you imagine eating dinner with your friend and out of nowhere a group of people came harassing you? Pulling on your clothes, hitting you, and throwing your food on the ground. At that time and moment you have to choose how to respond in this situation.To respond back with violence is normal for any human being that does not have great self control. Jesus said in  Luke 6:27 “to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate”. Dr. King did just that, he displayed nonviolence toward those who hated him.



My pretty lady and I had a chance to visit the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee on October 23 2015, a day after our 4 year anniversary. We were able to be reminded of a great leader. A Great leader that once said…


        “I have dream my four little children will live in a nation where they will not be     

judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”


I’ve always loved this line in his speech because it focuses on the interior of a person and not the exterior. As a little boy it stood out to me because I thought to myself, I want to be judged by my character and not my skin tone. I did not fully understand what it meant at the time, all I knew is that it had to be important if Martin Luther King Jr. wrote an entire speech about it.


Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.


What is your character? Does it line up with Dr. King’s dream?

One thing I know for sure was that he wanted to see the United States united. He wanted to see all different types of people come together and love one another just like he dreamed. That change starts with you and me, What’s your purpose? I am not sure. I once heard that, in order to build a better America you must build a better you. You are not in control of the finish line but you are in control of the starting line.

Go and live a purposeful life and share this blog with someone else. Thanks for reading.