My name is Jahbari McLennan. I am a follower of Jesus, a husband to my pretty lady Shania and currently a role model for my nieces and others. I am passionate about life and believe everyone should be as well. I love seeking truth and eagerly learning how to live that out daily in a world full of dishonesty, deceit and mediocrity. I strive towards excellence daily and believe others would benefit in doing so as well. I hope I serve you with the way I share truth!

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my Mission

 My goal is never to try and force you to believe what I believe or force a sale on you. I want to open, introduce and expand your mind on the idea that you can be better than what and where you are right now. That your purpose in life is to find your potential and develop into a lion fiercely chasing after his prey! A lion's purpose is to rule as the King of his field, to protect and provide food for his family. When he chases after his prey,his eyes are focused and every step is filled with intense, single minded purpose to attack, kill and provide food for his pride. 

What is your purpose? 

If I say I love a person too much to tell them the truth, what you are really saying is that I love myself too much to go through that. That’s not a good friend.
— Tim Keller

Purpose- the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

-google source

 My Pretty Lady and I!

My Pretty Lady and I!